Since its establishment in 1977, Easy Energy's philosophy has been to have a special attention to the planet around us, proposing environmentally and economically balanced technical solutions.

In Industries, above a certain amount of solvents, it is necessary to purify the exhaust air. An investment that pays off with Easy Energy, thanks to our Air To Energy systems the exhaust air containing solvents becomes an energy source that can be used within the company, for example to generate electricity, cooling or heat. In this way, the obligation to purify the exhaust air becomes an opportunity to drastically reduce energy costs.

Why choose us

Our team composed of graduate engineers and skilled professionals will support you from the initial planning phase, through the design and approval process to the realisation of the entire system.

Thanks to our experience in the fields of exhaust air purification, combined heat and power generation and energy management, we realise integrated systems for all fields of application.

Our primary objective: to transform previously expensive and uneconomical processes in the field of exhaust air purification into a profitable system. Our specialists in the fields of process optimisation, cogeneration and exhaust air purification offer comprehensive know-how for the construction of new plants and the optimisation of existing systems.


ATE – Air to Energy #patented

Oxidation of solvents in modified micro gas turbines, reduction of natural gas and conversion of the thermal energy of the turbine into Hot water and Chilled water.

Cross Counterflow Absorption #patented

Assignment: Specification, design and supply of a Cross Counterflow Absorption (CCA) system for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) installed upstream of a Air To Energy system

Our role in the assignment: As engineers design and supply the filtration system according to state of the art technology to fulfil locally restrictive VOC emissions.

Mineral oil recovery integrated CHP

Assignment: Specification, design and supply of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) removal system installed downstream an existing typography.

Our roles on the assignment: As Mechanical Engineers and chemical specialists we designed and supplied the filtration system according the state-of-the art technology to fulfill the local restrictive VOC emissions



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Project Engineer & Consultant


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