Design and off-design thermodynamic simulation for all types of power plants

With over 20 years of experience in the thermal power generation field, EasyEnergy can provide all the design and thermal cycle calculation expertise that customer needs to ensure the best design.
To meet the design of thermal power cycle challenges EasyEnergy disposes of an accurate and powerful thermal cycle analysis software.
The software is well suited for designing and simulating a wide variety of thermal and heat recovery cycles for a multitude of industry.
It offers an extensive library of physical components allowing a rapid configuration of thermal cycle. Combination and restrictions of these components can easily be defined to meet specific customer requirements.

The software also integrates an extensive manufacturer database enabling to evaluate and optimize design of the thermal cycles using all types and range of turbo machines, gas engines.
Results are clear and practice-oriented. Together with a comprehensive visual representation, they include all key data of each component.
Results analysis is assessed based upon the experience from many projects with different thermal cycles.

Key features & Benefits

  • Accurate heat and mass flow balance
  • Thermodynamic design and sizing of components
  • Extensive manufacturer database
  • Great choice of thermodynamic fluids
  • Simulation design and off-design conditions
  • Clear and practice-oriented presentation
  • Custom - made solution


  • Waste heat recovery system for the Chemical & Process industries.
  • Thermo Solar power generation
  • Gas & Diesel engines power generation
  • Steam generation and combined cycles
  • District heating