Complete design and execution of gas pressure reducing and distribution stations. From concept – engineering – to commissioned unit. Supply of special products related to gas distribution sector

Complete system solutions

Gas Distributors Services

We are accredited service providers in Switzerland and Germany for Emerson’s Tartarini, Fisher, and Francel pressure reducing regulators, and for all of Emerson’s instrumentation in southern Switzerland.

Our main services are:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Design of compression, storage and distribution of natural gas and LNG
  • Basic engineering, detail and preparation of technical specifications for all systems
  • Supply of components
  • Technical supervision during construction and commissioning
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Support for the obtainment of permissions of construction and exercise released from "Eidgenössische Rohrleitungsinspektorat" (ERI)

Gas distribution station for public and private utility

  • Overhauls and modernization of gas distribution stations
  • Overhaul of gas regulators and control valves
  • Specification and installation of the equipment necessary to measure the flow and for a correct pressure regulation
  • Implementation of standardized stations for different pressures and gas flows: design, production, certification (SVGW and PED), testing and commissioning of the stations. Skids are prefabricated pressure-reducing stations designed to the customer’s specifications, then built to order and include a range of products from our representation, Fisher, Daniel, Francel and Tartarini, such as regulators, manual isolation valves, and piping.
  • Gas regulators, gas flow meters, differential pressure instruments, metering systems, pressure and temperature measurement and indication, gas flow analyzers, gas sampling systems.

Gas distribution and maintenance for power plant operators

  • Modernization of gas distribution systems for power plants and refineries
  • Technical studies
  • Development, production and supply of various pre-assembled and tested systems for gas, oil and liquid fuel regulation
  • Supervision during construction and commissioning