Recognize potential problems - on-site as well as during design - before it is too late.

There are numerous threats that can negatively affect people and assets, such as natural disasters, hazardous materials, malicious activities, industrial espionage, violence and theft – and there are even more ways to detect, prevent or mitigate security threats.
Our security management consultants support you with a risk management strategy that finds the right balance between acceptable property, technological, business interruption risk and total cost of security.
Our risk assessments will:
Provide an accurate picture of the current state of security at the facility/target.
Identify those areas in which more or, in some cases less, security is needed as well as providing the basis for improving your organization’s security awareness and training efforts based on a detailed and comprehensive report.
Collect the necessary information that can be used to justify requests for capital improvements in security programs.
Our risk assessment consulting and risk analysis programs are based on industry best practices and performed by knowledgeable experts trained in the field of risk assessment.
Each corporate or organizational security situation is unique as are each and every one of your senior executives and VIPs.

Each risk assessment seeks to the following basic tasks:
Identify the specific assets that need to be protected. This can include company employees, proprietary information, money, manufactured goods, reputation, supply chain and more.
Identify and quantify the types of risks that could identify the assets.
Determine the criticality of each potential risk event. In this sense, we define criticality as the product of probability of occurrence multiplied by the impact of the event on the company. When criticality is properly measured organizations can be assured that only cost-justified security measures will be implemented.

All services including risk assessment and analysis consulting receive our continuous and hands-on management oversight and supervision.