Since its incorporation in 1977, Easy Energy’s philosophy has been to safeguard the necessary flexibility by providing OEM independent high quality services. Thus being able to propose operationally and economically balanced technical solutions, with the aim for an optimal return of the investment.

Easy Energy’s capability to provide effective support and appreciated added value has resulted in numerous long lasting relationships to its Customers.

Why choose us

Our team, composed by graduated engineers and skilled professionals with a wide experience in the fields of conventional and renewable power plants, has the ability to interact actively with specialist from different branches that are relevant to the project.

Attending to the Swiss tradition in the art of diplomacy and with our multilingual and multicultural skills, we work collaboratively all over the world to establish a particular relationship with all the parties involved in the projects.

Our systematic approach effectively ensures a correct execution of the assignment based on technically, commercially, and legally relevant facts as well as linear and coherent presentation of the results.



Assignment: Commissioned by a public power company to perform a technical due diligence on a district heating power plant in view of its acquisition.
Our roles on the assignment: Inspected the structural state of the plant and analyzed the performance of its production facilities and machinery: gas engines, steam turbine, boilers, district heating, MV system and instrumentation.


Assignment: On-site Survey, Feasibility Study and Concept Design for the integration of ORC packages to increase the energy efficiency of a thermal power plant (7x 17 MWel) by exploiting residual heat from the exhaust gases.
Our roles on the assignment: As process specialist different simulations were performed for ORC package definition.


Assignment: Skid realization for liquid fuel filtration to  separate impurities and water from the products, by ensuring the required filtration grade in accordance with the gas turbine manufacturer’s specification.
Our roles on the assignment:  Realization of the system in a portable skid composed by a double inlet filter and a second filtration stage based on the coalescence principle. Solution has been studied to keep the construction simple and to make maintenance easier by optimizing the reliability level thanks to a limited number of components.


Assignment: Specification, design and supply of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) removal system installed downstream an existing typography.
Our roles on the assignment: As Mechanical Engineers and chemical specialists we designed and supplied the filtration system according the state-of-the art technology to fulfill the local restrictive VOC emissions. 

The Netherlands

Assignment: After shut down due to a steam turbine refurbishment it was desired to receive a complete over all cycle training for the superior staff of operation and maintenance.
Our roles: Training on site for the Operating and Maintenance Staff of a Combined Cycle Power Plant. With this additional training the client found several items to be looked up and to be integrated into the restart of the plant start up.


Assignment: Analysis and monitoring of steam circuit for process efficiency improvement and CO2 Tax refund according Energy Strategy 2050 and CO2 emission law.
Our roles on the assignment: As process specialists we analyzed the steam circuit and we installed new concept of wireless acoustic transmitters on existing steam trap to detect steam leakages.  



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