Through our systematic loss assessment process, we ensure that complex insurance claims are sorted out efficiently and the losses are minimised:

Site survey: meet and understand people, communicate with local operators, inspect the entire site 
Assess the damage: meticulously record all details of the loss, take and catalogue pictures, collect operational data
Analyse the material and datacompare the values with standards and benchmarks, understand relationships, etc.
Check all the facts and figurescheck consistency, determine missing numbers or facts, define and request additional specialistic analysis, etc.
Clearly and fully report, in an efficient and consistent way, making a clear difference between facts and assumptions
Manage the claim and negotiate with all involved partiesadvise the policy holder and the insurance company on the most suitable way to carry out repairs, liaise with other insurers to negotiate the spread of liability
Understand how the policy in question operates and what it is intended to cover.
Investigate, evaluate and validate all records to establish liability


Our capacities and expertise: 

- quick response at the time of crisis
- dedicated claims experts throughout the process.
- good interviewing, listening and reporting skills, thank to our multi-cultural team
- "think outside the box” approach
- good communication skills and timely responsiveness
- we have a pragmatic and “commercial” rather than dogmatic approach
- one-step expertise service: internal team having deep technical knowledges + wide external experts network for specialisti support